The Oxnard Firefighters Foundation is a non profit organization founded in 2012 by your local firefighter in order to directly provide services to the Citizens of Oxnard. Our membership is wholey comprised of your local Oxnard Firefighters.  As Oxnard Firefighters we respond to your emergencies everyday.  The ability to help the community durring these emergencies provides us with an opportunity to recognize many of problems the community faces. In the last year we have implemented programs that have made a huge impact by providing direct services to residents of our city.  In addition to our current programs we are also in the process of starting more programs in order to have a larger impact on our community. Here is a list of our current programs as well as some of our future programs.  



  • Oxnard Swim Program

  • Oxnard Child Car Seat Installation Program

  • Oxnard Fire Smoke Detector Installation Program

  • Oxnard Child Bike Helmet Program


If you are interested in any of our programs or would like to make a donation to our cause, please feel free to contact us.

We are your local firefighters